Over the years I've done tons of character designs. Whether it be for my own projects or for freelancingĀ or jobs. This is easily one of my favorite types of art, only second maybe to making comics, but same as with comics, Concept Art must adapt and cather to it's own story, it must tell about the world it's set in just by looking at it, it's it's own narrative.
I hope you enjoy some of my creations :)

Lion Clan Ninja

Young King Arthur

Barbarat - Personal project

Below, several designs created for #MarchOfRobots.

ESPN project for their Super Week ad campaign

Several famous sports personalities turned into super heroes for the ad campaign


Pixelart conceptart for Cellarius

More character designs for Cellarius

Some sort of cerberus - Personal project.

Beetle Knight - Personal project.

Some QUAD universe character designs

Cuckoo, new character for QUAD.

Characters from QUAD Universe

Character art for unreleased Drag Race game.

My character Pinky, from "Cyberpink", my next comics project, in a painting attempt.

My character Pinky, from "Cyberpink", my next comics project, in comicbook art. Now a bit younger as the plot was adjusted. In here you can see her in both real and virtual life.

Colors by Eduardo Schaal

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