In this project I show some of the pin-ups I've done in the past for friends' published work or expositions around the web or the globe. All of it very fun to do!

Michael, from NBC's The Good Place

Hollow Knight's The Knight

Pokemon's Hawlucha sort of redesign. iPad Pro.

Wakfu's Black Crow. iPad Pro

Star Wars's Rey

Zelda (Breath of the Wild version). iPad Pro

Wonder Woman. iPad Pro.

Altered Carbon. iPad Pro.

Lord Qian and his Giant, from Davi Calil's Kung Fu Ganja!

The End of the F***ing World fanart. Done on iPad Pro.

Kylo Ren fanart. Done on iPad Pro.

Black Crow, from Wakfu/Krosmaster Arena

Teri Gender Bender, from the Le Butcherettes band.

Overwatch's Hanzo Fanart
Lion-O for 4forFan.
Colored a Crono from my sketchbook, did this in celebration for Chrono Trigger's 20th anniversary.
Usagi Yojimbo for Dark Horse's Sakai Project! It's scheduled to be in the artbook:
It's a pin-up for Dan Ciurzac's VIBE Comic. 
Dr. Abobrinha for "20 Anos de Castelo Rá-Tim-Bum"
Also for a another collab, a Street Fighter themed one with my favorite character, Guy! (Hail Final Fight)
Hellboy fanart for 20 Years of Hellboy art exposition.
Pokemon's Kakuna fanart drawn for 2Minds Studio' 152 Pokedex collab.
Lil' Lobo, made back when they announced the new Lobo design :)
Done for Justin Jordan, Tradd Moore and Felipe Sobreiro's The Strange Talent of Luther Strode
For's 30 Days of Abe exposition
For Limited Edition's Pop Art exposition in Sao Paulo
A banner done for Kurtis Wiebe, GRIM LEAPER's writer, despicting his many characters!
Pin Up for Kurtis Wiebe's THE INTREPIDS TPB edition
Pin-Up done for Tony Trov and Johnny Zito's MOON GIRL comic
Piece done for Sloane Leoung's Yakuza exposition in Portland, Oregon
Pin Up for Gene Goldstein and Kasey Williams GALACTICAT print edition

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