Conceptart for Drag Race. Below you can see some of the process

Below is some artwork I've created while working at Top Free Games during 2013, some of which are concept art, while others are assets used in game. Throughout the year, I've made art in the most diverse types of artwork, such as vector, painted or cartoon art - Characters and backgrounds. 
Check it out:
I've worked on this game in many ways, from UI elements to concepts, stages and in-game assets. Below you can see the ones released so far:
Solo pumpkin for one of the world buttons
Halloween Stage
Thanksgiving Stage - Concept by Julia Bax
Christmas Stage
Christmas Bike promotional banner.
Ultra Bike
Ultra Bike iterations.
In Penguin Racing, I've worked on a new look for an old and successful game from TFG, like UI, a graphical revamp and new "suits", backgrounds and screens.
Splash Screen art
Game Over art
The basic Penguin modelsheet
Some of the many new penguin skins meant for the graphical update
Arctic Stage
Hawaii Stage
Sahara Stage
Rio Stage
Rainbow Stage
For Battle Ants, I performed in all areas, from actual game elements to concepts. The 3D models in the final form followed very closely to the concept in this game.
Background concepts
Queen unit concepts
Buildings and theis advance levels
Barracks concepts
Working in Best in War was so much fun because I had a lot of freedom to concept the art for it, and worked in a wide range of areas, from assets to character design. Check it out:
Here's a concept I did for the splash screen, which was vivdly realized in 3D by Marcel Nilo below:
Amazon concepts. We were inspired by the look of Disney Infinity.
Knight concepts.
Fort concepts
In Monster Truck, I did the majorirty of the art on my own, except for the backgrounds which are unused bgs from another game from our company. From UI elements to concepts and final assets. Fun stuff!
Splash screen
World Map
Store Buttons
Basic Car - I had the idea of having the mechanisms underneath the bodywork so that you could see the car shake it up.
The actual monster truck in the sense we know it
The old-school racing car
Top Slots was one of the first games I've worked on at Top Free Games, and most of the time I did actual in-game assets for it. Despite it being a slot machine, the illustrations were quite the fun themes.
SCI-FI themed slot machines!
With added Barbarellas
The hostesses.
Icons for the world selection screen. Each one would lead to a different theme.
Background for the "50s" theme's Bonus Stage
Background for the "Greek" theme's Bonus Stage
I hope you've enjoyed it! 
Look forward to more updates,  as more games come out!

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