In this project I touch upon my own practices, generally on digital painting techniques and studies, and also in more sizeable lineart ones. I hope you like them.

Dragon Boy

In march I took a bit of my personal time to develop more on the digital painting front, studying render, light and colors, and a revising a bit of my own process during it. I took the opportunity of the hashtag #marchofrobots and created a little narrative to develop a dozen images. 
Have at you: The March of Robots

Below, a few other experiments. Enjoy! 

The Summoner. My previous head illo for the site.

iPad Pro sketch
iPad Pro sketch
Printed then inked manually.
Printed then inked manually.

A destroyed ESP-Trent, my character from Quad universe.

In the following sequence I wanted to experiment the same structure for many different moods.

Sand Dome, from QUAD.

Sunset Champion.
Mars Rock. I think I was hyped with all the space things going on in movies.
Skull rider.
Survival of the Fittest t-shirt design.
Header image for my previous website - The Gorgon Queen - A2 sized.
M Rune - Manticore - the new header - A2 sized.

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