One of my early digital passions was making Pixel Art, which is like the prehistoric for vector art, as I like to say. At least it demands as much dedication and finesse. Below are some I did either for fun or for work.

Another one with NeoMam, I was asked to turn several views from USA into roads similar to the Outrun games. It was crazy fun! 

For Neomam, this time I was supposed to produce several background art in isometric view despicting 80's hits.

For Neomam, another unusual project but very fun to do: Despict several existing Britain locations - all in retro pixelart and animated! 

Below is a campaign for Coke, intending to follow the style of soccer games of old.
These are some sprites for a Rexona campaign! 
The spaceships below I made for UDACITY learning games called Giga Wars:
These are for my graduation project "Crossroads"
And lastly an assortments of fanarts and practices for myself.

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